@SwIt srl: Mail, Print, Odbc Utilities for DOS, Unix, legacy programs

The Gate-and-Way.com domain has been acquired by aSwIt s.r.l.

aSwIt s.r.l. provides software solutions for legacy applications:

Printfil: Print from Dos, Unix, to USB, PDF, Fax and any other Windows printer
FileInMail: Automatically send out files via e-mail
Odbc4All: Connect to ODBC Data Sources and perform queries
aKill: Batch close Windows applications

If you were searching for information about the Gate-and-Way software you can still find them in this website, but please note it's not distributed by aSwIt s.r.l. - Should you need further info or assistance about the Gate-and-Way software, please contact the owner: Programma Computer. Thanks.

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Why should you use Gate-and-Way ?


Even if you don't know Linux at all, you can install and configure it using the Gate-and-Way Setup and the Gate-and-Way Control Panel.

Client users do not have to learn anything new:

  • they continue to use their favourite e-mail clients (Outlook Express, Pine etc.) to view e-mail and faxes together
  • they simply print on a special Windows printer to send faxes.
  • they continue to use their favourite browser to surf the web.

Because of the power of Linux, you will never see the message "This program has generated a general protection fault and will be terminated" again.

The integrated firewall will block any attack from the internet.

You can configure some different redundant internet connections, so if your ISP is having problems and can't give you access to the internet, you can choose another one to have a temporary connection without having to change any configuration on the clients.

The Backup 7/7 module can retrieve data from any PC on the LAN. Every day will have its separate backup. You will never lose any data due to hard disk crashes on the client side.
At the server side you can also install a software RAID subsystem, so hard disk crashes will never be a problem again. The Gate-and-Way Control Panel can also inform you if some kind of problems appear on the server's RAID system.

You have full control over the server operation and all the tools you need to monitor it.


The Shared Folders allow all the users on the LAN to quickly retrieve any messages/faxes.

Internet e-mail can be routed to local mailboxes. Any user can simply browse his local account instead of connecting to the internet and waiting for the downloading of his messages.

A local user can send e-mail with attachments to other local users, even if the latter are out of the office.

Any user can send a fax simply printing his document on a special Windows printer. The fax server will manage all incoming and outgoing queues and the users no more have to wait in front of the fax machine.

The internal SMTP server allows you to quickly send emails from any enabled client without caring whether an internet connection is up or which ISP is giving you access to the Internet. Large messages will be queued in a flash. The first time Gate-and-Way connects to the Internet, it will deliver any queued messages to their addressees.


Internet e-mail can be fetched from the Internet and stored in the local mailboxes.

Internet connection can be automatically started when the server is powered on and stopped when it is powered off.

The autoresponder will answer incoming voice calls playing the message you recorded and chose for that time. It starts and stops automatically when time changes.

Every day Backup 7/7 will make copies of your server's data and, if you want, of the client PC's too.


The Server Operating System is as cheap as Linux. You don't have to spend large amounts of money to buy licenses for the server Operating System and related clients.

There are not particular hardware requirements for the clients, so you can probably reutilize old hardware without problems.

You can use only one account with your ISP to have all the users on the LAN surfing the web.

If you pay your internet connection depending on the length of the connection, you can configure Gate-and-Way to fetch all the users' e-mail together from the internet instead of letting them do this separately. This may result in a great saving on telephone costs.

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All this can be done locally using any PC on the LAN or remotely, if you are out of the company, using the Remote Access module

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