@SwIt srl: Mail, Print, Odbc Utilities for DOS, Unix, legacy programs

The Gate-and-Way.com domain has been acquired by aSwIt s.r.l.

aSwIt s.r.l. provides software solutions for legacy applications:

Printfil: Print from Dos, Unix, to USB, PDF, Fax and any other Windows printer
FileInMail: Automatically send out files via e-mail
Odbc4All: Connect to ODBC Data Sources and perform queries
aKill: Batch close Windows applications

If you were searching for information about the Gate-and-Way software you can still find them in this website, but please note it's not distributed by aSwIt s.r.l. - Should you need further info or assistance about the Gate-and-Way software, please contact the owner: Programma Computer. Thanks.

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Rel. 2.2
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Here you can download a FREE trial of Gate-and-Way.

The unregistered version allows you to install, configure and use all the Gate-and-Way services for a trial period of 30 days.
The only limit is that you can not configure more than one client PC to use the Gate-and-Way services.

If, after the 30 days trial period, you want to buy Gate-and-Way, you can do it online.
You will then receive a registration key by e-mail to activate the product without having to reinstall it.

If you don't know Linux at all, don't worry! In the manual you can find some documents that will explain you a step by step Linux installation.

Even if you are a Linux expert, we recommend you to carefully read the manual before installing the Gate-and-Way software.

DOCUMENTATION - download and read this first !
Gate-and-Way.exe 927 Kb Ms-Windows installer program.
Contains the Brochure and the HTML english manual
Gate-and-Way-Manual.zip 376 Kb HTML english manual in zip format (MS-Windows)
Gate-and-Way-Manual.tar.gz 323 Kb HTML english manual in tgz format (Linux).
Unpack with: tar xvzf Gate-and-Way-Manual.tar.gz

GATE-AND-WAY SOFTWARE - current release 2.2
Gate-and-Way-2.2-Upgrade   Upgrade from any 2.x release.
Registered users only.
Gate-and-Way-2.2-rh9.i386.rpm 5,41 Mb English software in rpm format (Linux Red Hat 9.0).
Installation instructions are provided in the HTML manual.
Gate-and-Way-2.0-1.i386.rpm 5,63 Mb 2.0-1 English version in rpm format (Linux).
Download this version ONLY if you want to run in on an old RH 7.x box.
Brochure download
(PDF, 705Kb)

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