@SwIt srl: Mail, Print, Odbc Utilities for DOS, Unix, legacy programs

The Gate-and-Way.com domain has been acquired by aSwIt s.r.l.

aSwIt s.r.l. provides software solutions for legacy applications:

Printfil: Print from Dos, Unix, to USB, PDF, Fax and any other Windows printer
FileInMail: Automatically send out files via e-mail
Odbc4All: Connect to ODBC Data Sources and perform queries
aKill: Batch close Windows applications

If you were searching for information about the Gate-and-Way software you can still find them in this website, but please note it's not distributed by aSwIt s.r.l. - Should you need further info or assistance about the Gate-and-Way software, please contact the owner: Programma Computer. Thanks.

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Shared disk

In addition to all the other services, a portion of the Gate-and-Way server's hard disk can also be shared among the clients on the LAN.

In this way, a group of enabled users can share files, or a single user can access his files without caring which client PC he is using.

System log files

Using the Gate-and-Way Control Panel you can have the Linux system log file handy in the "Logs" tab.

In this way you can constantly monitor all your server's activities and see what's happening in real time. For example:

  • status of the services
  • negotiations of addresses between your server and your ISP's one
  • attempts of intrusion blocked by the firewall
  • granted accesses to remote trusted users
  • failed authentications to local network users attempting to connect to the server without having the necessary passwords
  • malfunctions in server's hardware, modems and so on
RAID system monitoring and log files

If a software RAID system is installed in the Linux server, you can quickly monitor its status using the Gate-and-Way Control Panel.

The Gate-and-Way Control Panel moreover monitors the RAID system activity automatically and when it finds some problems, it will immediately inform you.

In this way you can set your mind at rest and only if a disk will ever fails, you will be able to act coolly checking your hardware and planning when to change it.

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