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The Gate-and-Way.com domain has been acquired by aSwIt s.r.l.

aSwIt s.r.l. provides software solutions for legacy applications:

Printfil: Print from Dos, Unix, to USB, PDF, Fax and any other Windows printer
FileInMail: Automatically send out files via e-mail
Odbc4All: Connect to ODBC Data Sources and perform queries
aKill: Batch close Windows applications

If you were searching for information about the Gate-and-Way software you can still find them in this website, but please note it's not distributed by aSwIt s.r.l. - Should you need further info or assistance about the Gate-and-Way software, please contact the owner: Programma Computer. Thanks.

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Using Gate-and-Way you can configure multiple internal mailboxes for the users on the LAN.

Each enabled user, using his favourite IMAP client software (Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Mail, Mutt, Pine, Fetchmail etc.) can send mail with attachments to another internal user as well as to an internet mailbox.

They can also add subfolders to the account and move messages among them. All the mail is stored on the server.

The internal SMTP server allows users to quickly send mail from any enabled client to any external mailbox without caring whether an internet connection is up or which ISP is giving you access to the Internet. Large messages will be queued in a flash. Once the Internet connection is available, Gate-and-Way will deliver any queued messages to their addressees.

The Shared Mail Folders allow every user on the LAN to quickly retrieve all messages/faxes stored there.

Internet e-mail can be routed to local mailboxes. Any user can simply browse his local account instead of connecting to the internet and waiting for the downloading of his messages.

This way you can have a unique place for all the mail settings.
Moreover, if you pay your internet connection depending on the lenght of the connection, you can reduce the number of connections made, which may result in a great saving on telephone costs.

You may also choose to redirect different external mailboxes to only one internal mailbox, so someone can read and forward them to the right addressee.
For example, a customer who writes to
info@your_company.com sometimes needs commercial information, sometimes he needs technical support.
You can redirect
info@your_company.com to john@internal_mail so john can forward a message to sales@internal_mail or paul@internal_mail .

You may also choose to redirect different external mailboxes to the Shared Folders, so everybody can read each received message.

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